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Post-Apocalyptic mayhem by Marcus Richardson

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Future History of America

Complete:  3 books

Terrorists coordinate a massive attack on America’s infrastructure and international enemies attack. Those who survive the Collapse must band together or face the chaos alone.

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The Wildfire Saga

Ongoing:  8 books

A bio-weapon unleashes a global pandemic that threatens to wipe out humanity. One man’s blood holds the unique properties needed to save mankind, but not everyone wants him to help. 

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Solar Storm

Ongoing:  5 books

An average American family struggles to survive an enormous coronal mass ejection that obliterates global power grids and plunges mankind into a second pre-Industrial age.


Elixr Plague

Ongoing serial:  6 episodes

The zombie apocalypse is here and this is the story. Serialized format, with short episodes released more frequently than standard books. 


Broken Tide

Complete: 6 books

Written with Mike Kraus! A mega-tsunami of historic proportions strikes the entire eastern seaboard of North, Centra, and South America. Destruction is rampant and one man is caught 1,000 miles from home. His family finds that holding the home front together is just as difficult as surviving the end of the world.


Lost Sanctuary

Complete: 6 books

Written with Mike Kraus! A series of powerful dust storms strike the American southwest, fracturing the power grid and plunging much of North America into darkness. Sinister forces seek to take advantage of the anarchy. but one family, scattered over three states, will stop at nothing to reunite in the chaos.

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Shadow Wars

Complete: 3 Books

Written with DJ Cooper and N.A. Broadley, the Shadow Wars series is an open universe filled with conspiracies, infections, zombies...and...something else lurking in the shadows...

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