Book Series by Marcus Richardson

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Future History of America

Complete:  3 books.

Terrorists coordinate a massive attack on America’s infrastructure and international enemies attack. Those who survive the Collapse must band together or face the chaos alone.

The Wildfire Saga

Ongoing:  7 books.

A bio-weapon unleashes a global pandemic that threatens to wipe out humanity. One man’s blood holds the unique properties needed to save mankind, but not everyone wants him to help. 

Solar Storm

Ongoing:  5 books.

An average American family struggles to survive an enormous coronal mass ejection that obliterates global power grids and plunges mankind into a second pre-Industrial age.

Elixr Plague

Ongoing serial:  6 episodes.

The zombie apocalypse is here and this is the story. Serialized format, with short episodes released more frequently than standard books. 

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