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Marcus earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and three years later, graduated from Delaware Law School. Since then, he has at times been employed (or not) as: a stock boy, a cashier, a department manager at a home furnishing store, an assistant manager at and arts and crafts store, an unemployed handyman, husband, cook, groundskeeper, spider killer extraordinaire, writer, and stay at home dad.


A writer post-apocalyptic thrillers full of high-octane action and lots of military hardware, Marcus also writes some stories from the average Joe’s perspective.  His gritty, post-apocalyptic Future History of America Series is popular, but not for the faint of heart.  


He has also written and continues to write books in The Wildfire Saga, which are also available as audiobooks.


His third series is titled Solar Storm and is the story of one man’s efforts to save his family after a global grid down event.

His latest project, Elixr Plague, depicts a unique take on the zombie apocalypse. Elixr Plague is available to read for free with your Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.


For a sample of his writing, the the first books in all his series are free, with the exception of Elixr Plague (which is free if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited). All his books are available at major ebook retailers worldwide.

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