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Available as an ebook, audiobook, and in print!

Jay Cantrell will find his family…or die trying.


He had the perfect life as a small-town librarian: married just over a year to his second wife, an airline pilot, he also has a daughter in college studying to be an astrophysicist. He's ready to celebrate the first year of his new marriage as he adjusts to an empty nest and a new stage in life.


But the sun had other plans and sent a coronal mass ejection as an anniversary present.


Awakened before dawn one morning in mid-December by northern lights that blanket the sky—in central Illinois—Jay's world changes in the blink of an eye. Flying a planeload of passengers to Hawaii, his wife Kate experiences the CME in a whole other light and must fight to stay alive every step of the way. Leah, Jay's daughter, witnesses the impact through the eyes of a student far from home.


Jay must decide to stay and wait for news of his wife or leave before things get worse to find his daughter. The problem is, with no electricity, he doesn't know how bad it is...anywhere. Will he set out to rescue his daughter and make a harrowing journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland only to find the power is still on, two states away?


In a world where electricity is a thing of the past, can there be any hope for the future? After all, it's not a matter of if a CME will strike the earth, but when.




Sola Storm 1

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Available as an ebook, audiobook, and in print!

Jay, Leah, and Kate are all tested and pushed to their limits...but will they go too far?


Jay is left without a car again when his plans fall apart and he finds himself on foot, hiking through winter in Indiana to reach his daughter.  Exhausted, wounded, and alone, Jay must find the will to push through and rescue his child.

Kate, back in control of her own destiny, faces a taste of the reality FEMA has delivered to the major cities of America in the aftermath of the coronal mass ejection.  She must pass through the fire to return home, but only if she's ready to sacrifice everything.

Leah and the other students left behind become firsthand witnesses to the desperation of man and what violence that can bring.  They are forced to dig deep and defend themselves, or risk becoming a footnote in a new, darker history of mankind.


In a world where electricity is a thing of the past, can there be any hope for the future? After all, it's not a matter of if a CME will strike the earth, but when.

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Available as an ebook, audiobook, and in print!

Sometimes a helping hand isn’t so helpful…


Jay Cantrell, worried that his hands, injured in their trek across the Midwest, are infected, tries to keep the secret from his group. They’d survived the journal from Illinois to Indiana, returned home to Illinois, and crossed the Michigan border—worrying about his health wouldn’t do anyone any good.


Kate, tense from her harrowing trip across the country, is forced to take on the leadership of the group…while Mac prepares his compound for his friends’ arrival and runs into unexpected complications in the form of suspicious neighbors.


When the Cantrell vehicle breaks down, help comes in the form of a stranger with questionable ties of friendship. He offers assistance…for a price.


Can the group afford…CONTACT?

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Available as an ebook, audiobook, and in print!

When the lights go out, darkness rises.


Forced to make a choice between abandoning the people who gave them shelter or saving their own lives, Kate and the group bet on themselves. They hatch a daring escape plan, involving sympathetic locals who aren’t as docile as their militia overlords thought.


Up north, Mac comes to grips with what he’s done, what’s happening around him, and what will likely happen next. He begins construction of a last-ditch retreat cabin that may well prove pivotal to his—and the Cantrells—survival.


But when Kate and the others steal out of Grover Creek in the dark of night, they run the risk of incurring the wrath of people who have up morals when the lights went out.

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Available as an ebook, audiobook, and in print!

To secure peace…prepare for war.


The Cantrells have survived everything the world threw at them since the lights went out, but what’s coming will test each and every one of the group, pushing them to their very limits. When they struck deep at the heart of the Grover County Militia, they not only took a stand against tyranny, they took sides in a civil war.


Now is the calm before the storm. They know what’s coming. They know who’s hunting them. But they have only one option as winter engulfs their northern Michigan refuge: prepare for battle.


Will they have time enough to heal? Will they have time enough to build? Will they have time enough to arm and train? Will they have time enough to love and recover? Or will the fight find them at last…


The Long Road Home: Storm Stories

When the power shuts off, how long will it take for everything to fall apart?


Lukas Calloway was a loner—and happy about it. He doesn’t like crowds and while he’d do anything for his family, he loves living by himself.


But when a massive coronal mass ejection destroys earth’s power grids and plunges mankind into the 1800s, Lukas is forced to choose: help others or go it alone. Either way, he has to reach his family and fulfill a vow to his brother, stuck on the other side of the world. Lukas will do anything to protect his family but with the world falling apart around him, will he survive the journey? Will mankind survive the storm?


The Long Road Home is a stand alone novel set in the Solar Storm universe. It takes place in the early stages of the CME crisis depicted in the Solar Storm books 1-5.

Available as an ebook, audiobook, and in print!

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