Every giant can fall...

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Book I: Alea Jacta Est

A house divided cannot stand…


Erik Larsson’s world changes forever the day the lights go out. As hours turn into days and word spreads that terrorist attacks have thrown the whole nation in the dark, Erik and his neighbors soon discover just how quickly the thin veneer of civilization can crumble: the crisis has given birth to open rebellion.To survive, Erik must rally his community in the face of growing lawlessness. But when invasion is thrown into the mix, even the bravest of them will ask, is this the end of the United States?


Alea Jacta Est is over 650 pages of gritty, post-apocalyptic action set in America’s near future.




Available as an ebook and in print!

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Available as an ebook and in print!

Book II: Sic Semper Tyrannis

Freedom is never free…


Erik Larsson and his group survived the initial days of the collapse but now they face their greatest threat: the Russian army. The invasion has swallowed half of Florida and Erik finds himself on the front lines.Struggling to be the soldier his beleaguered country needs, Erik only wants to survive long enough to bring his family and friends to safety.


Across the country in Arizona, Rob Gunn and the Regulators face off against another foe every bit as dangerous as the Russians. From coast to coast, everyone caught in the crossfire—patriot or rebel, citizen or soldier—must decide: fight or die.If Erik can evade the Russians long enough, there’s hope he and his group may survive the long dangerous summer after the collapse. But will America?


Sic Semper Tyrannis is the high-octane sequel to Alea Jacta Est.


Available as an ebook and in print!

Book III: Dux Bellorum

Erik Larsson survived the collapse.He helped establish a community of survivors, a beacon of hope they called The Freehold. He watched as marauders, fueled by greed and jealousy destroyed everything he’d worked so hard to salvage. Citizen, soldier, survivor—he has adapted to the new America and survived. But can he survive long enough to make it home?


Living on the razor edge of desperation, Erik helps lead his band of survivors north to the long-sought safety of Upstate New York. As Erik, Brin, and Ted hit the long road north, they thought they’d left their troubles behind but soon discover the thousand-mile journey through a disintegrating post-collapse America to be more dangerous than anyone could have expected…


Dux Bellorum is an intense, fast-paced post-apocalyptic thriller that delivers an explosive conclusion to the Future History trilogy.